Little Monsters Market
Baby and Children's Nearly New Sales

Safety Advice

See below some health & safety tips to consider for both sellers and buyers when attending our events:

Prams and Pushchairs

  • All buggyies and strollers sold in the UK must comply with British Standard BS 7409.
  • This law applies to the sale of second hand buggy's/strollers as well as new and sellers are responsible for ensuring the following requirements:
    1. Soundness of construction and stability. A built-in 5-point harness although older models may have a 3-point harness. Brakes that function properly.
    2. Manufacturer's instruction manual is included.
    3. The pushchair itself must display the British Standard label and detail the year it was made, eg. BS 7409 2008.
  • In addition, check the cleanliness of the pram and the tread on the tyres as this can affect whether or not the brakes will function properly particularly if the tyres are very worn.

Car Seats

  • Advice from safety expert’s states that you should never purchase a secondhand car seat if you cannot guarantee that it hasn't been involved in a crash.
  • Even a seat that has been involved in a minor accident and displays no visible damage, may no longer provide adequate protection for your child in a further accident.
  • We do not however prevent people from bringing them. It is the buyer’s decision and it is up to them to make enquiries about the history of the seat. And make a decision if they are happy to purchase it.


  • Generally a great bargain to be had when buying second hand, but always inspect carefully for damage.
  • Ensure the surfaces are clean and smooth and that wooden models have no 'splinters' by running your hand along all the bars and edges.
  • Check that painted models have no flaking or chipped paint that is falling off and could be potentially harmful to your baby/toddler.
  • Finally avoid models that have large decorative 'cut-out' designs as your baby could trap their hands, feet or even head.
  • It is always advisable to buy a new mattress if purchasing a second hand cot - see mattress advice below.


  • The foundation for the study of Infant deaths advises that babies should sleep on a mattress that is not too soft or saggy and displays no signs of wear and tear.
  • Because of the link with cot-deaths and second hand mattresses it is recommended that a new mattress be used for each new child that you have.

Moses Baskets & Carrycots

  • Again by purchasing second hand you can save a great deal of money on these items especially as they are generally not used for very long.
  • Always check the item is clean with no damage and again it is advisable to consider buying a new mattress.


  • If buying a wooden model ensure that the surfaces/bars are smooth and splinter free (as advised with wooden cots).
  • With both wooden and metal models check that there is no flaky paint (if applicable) and that any door/opening has a fully functional catch that secures properly.

Travel Cots

  • These are often doubled-up and used as playpens for younger children and are great if you are short on space because they fold away.
  • Generally made from light-weight wipe-clean material with mesh sides so potentially less damaging than wood or metal if your child knocks/falls against the sides.
  • If purchasing second hand make sure that the travel cot has good stability and secures properly when in the upright position.


  • It is important to ensure that the seat has no rips in the fabric as most are made from wipe-clean plastic-type fabric which if torn creates sharp edges that may cut into your baby's skin.
  • All highchairs should include a 5-point harness (possibly 3-point in older models).
  • Check the chair's stability and that it can be properly secured in the upright position if it is a fold-away design. The last thing you want is for it to collapse suddenly.


  • In the case of second hand toys look for the CE mark. All toys approved by the British Toy and Hobby Association will also carry the Lion Mark.
  • The above applies to larger items such as baby bouncers, swings and ride on toys as well so be vigilant.
  • Check that a toy is not broken, rusty or damaged and inspect for loose parts that could be a potential hazard to your child.
  • We highly recommend you ask the seller to demonstrate all battery operated/electrical item/s are in fully working order before purchasing to ensure you don't go home disappointed.
  • Ensure that the toy is suitable for your child's age range.


  • You can get some real bargains with second hand clothing as the vast majority of baby wear has very little use before it is outgrown.
  • Check the labels on nightwear to see if they say 'keep away from fire' or 'low flammability to BS 5722'. If not the chances are that they do not meet the basic safety standard requirements.
  • Avoid clothing that features drawstrings around the neck area and that buttons on items have not become loose as they may cause your baby to choke if they become detached.


  • Leather shoes mould themselves to fit a child's feet so it is not a good idea to buy these second hand as they may damage your own child’s feet or cause deformed bone structure.
  • Softer style 'booties' often called 'pre-walkers' are a fairly safe item to purchase second hand. Check that they are clean, but you will find that most offered for sale have had very little or even no wear as babies don't tend to keep shoes on anyway.
  • It is recommended that babies should be without shoes as much as possible to allow the soft bones in their feet to develop correctly. Shoes are not required until your baby becomes a toddler and can walk properly unaided.

Electrical Items

  • If you are thinking of buying a second hand electrical item such as a steam steriliser, mains powered bottle warmer or night-light for your child's nursery then first consider the following:
  • For health & safety reasons the law states that all second hand electrical items must be tested properly by a competent person before being sold and must include the manufacturer's instruction manual. We highly recommend buyers ask the seller to prove the item is in full working order by asking them to test the item before purchasing on market day.